Saturday, November 04, 2006

Piedra Blanca

7 miles from Hearst Castle is a sea lion rookery. I visited there years ago when you could walk on the beach itself, and walk right up and stand next to a sea lion. They have since put in fences and walkways to separate people from sea lions, but it's still fun. I especially loved listening to the big guys belch.


losing true said...

Hey. You know what? With your experience in the blogging world (so far beyond where most of us neophytes are), you should be an honorary Nablopomo member. You should be on the masthead!

I went to your non-video site, and I read your 100 list. I felt humbled.

Desertnut said...

Sea lions fascinate me the way they throw sand on themselves when they sunbath. I was amazed to see so many on a beach.