Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Best Christmas

Watch the video

I posted a version of this video in January, but it was taken with a videocamera pointed at the television and trying to record a video. Now I have ripped it from a DVD and not only is the quality better, but I've been able to improve the appearance (lightening it).

This was written to accompany this entry of my journal, where I explain that this was my father's last Christmas, several months before his death. The previous Christmas he had been so drunk that he couldn't remember his grandchildren's names. By the time of this video, he had been sober for several months.

He was a huge jazz fan and played a passingly good piano. Music was his passion and he felt that his grandchildren only liked rock 'n' roll, because they were teengagers. He had no idea how musical they were, now talented they were, how they shared his passion and how they could enjoy music with him.

This video builds as he realizes that he can actually "jam" with his grandchildren. I am just so happy that I had a video camera with me that night. It was one of very few happy memories I have of him.

He died a few months later. I don't remember seeing him again after Christmas, and we had a huge battle which left things terrible between us when he died. But I have this.

I have this.

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Desertnut said...

Wow! This is fantastic! A beautiful memory on tape.