Saturday, February 24, 2007

Community Meals 2006

Watch the video

When I took this video, my camera was having problems (still is) which would not permit me to download to the computer. But I've since borrowed a camera and was able to get all of the Christmas video processed.

This is the Community Meals, which takes place each December 24. It's sponsored by the local Co-op market, all run by volunteers, and is open to anybody in town who would like to come. While probably the majority of people who come are homeless or low income, a lot of other community members come too and a wonderful time is had by all.

The event is organized by my friends Shelly and Ellen.

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Desertnut said...

What a wonderful thing to do for the community. The food and entertainment was magnificent! By the looks of the lines, I'm sure the whole town was there. Bev, you did a great job capturing this event all on tape!