Thursday, April 19, 2007

Paul's Memorial 1 -- Tribute to Lawsuit

Watch the video

This is the first clip of a week of videos excerpted from Paul's memorial service, which took place 8 years ago this week. I was going to make one video compilation, but there is just too much stuff there. It was very definitely not your ordinary memorial service as you will see, if you watch any of the videos.

I'm taking this first video out of sequence. This was one of several video clips that were shown throughout the memorial, this one a tribute to the band, Lawsuit (for which Paul was the lead singer). I've always loved this clip.

The fact that this was a video of a projection shot from the back of an audience means that there are heads at the bottom of the screen...and it lends a kind of "Mystery Science Theatre 2000" look to it.

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Desertnut said...

The Lawsuit band was awesome! I thought the heads at the bottom of of the screen looked pretty cool. It gave it a classic look.