Saturday, July 15, 2006

Paul and Audra

Watch the video
A long time ago, I posted footage from Tom and Laurel's wedding; recently I uploaded footage from Ned & Marta's wedding. Now here is Paul and Audra's wedding. It was the most unusual of all. In case you can't tell when you watch it, the "ring bearer" is a smiley-face doll who makes his entrance down a suspended wire hung over the aisle of the courtyard where the wedding was being held. This is the kind of thing you do when all of the participants in the wedding are either performers or technicians, or both!

The video shows only the ceremony itself. I made the wedding cake for this wedding, too, and since Paul and I had a running gag about smiley faces, the entire cake was decorated in little tiny smiley faces.
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Desertnut said...

Wow! Paul & Audra's wedding was unique and unusual. A lot more fun then a typical ceremony. I bet everyone enjoyed going to that wedding.

Bev Sykes said...

Paul could never do anything "normal." This was a wedding that the entire city was invited to. They put posters on cars, hung a banner over the entrance to the city. We didn't know if we were expecting 200 or 2000. It was pot luck. We did have some total strangers who showed up because they thought it would be an interesting event. One old lady came because she read about it in the paper. In the end, it was she who ran the thing. When she wanted to go home, she came to me and asked if I could please have Paul and Audra cut the cake because she was tired and she didn't want to leave without having cake.

It was held in the courtyard of the theatre complex and the reception was on the stage of the theatre itself. Definitely memorable.

Paul died 8 months later.

missbhavens said...

Hands down, THE whackiest and most wonderful wedding ceremony ever. Man, that was left-of-center! Any couple who cooks up a wedding like that must surely have been made for each other.

They deserved far more than eight months of married life together.