Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Thief

Watch the video

We have returned from Santa Barbara.  While we were there, Ned couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a video during the big barbeque.  Tom put it very well:  "Mom records life; Ned makes movies."  He also said that if we had two video cameras, Ned would make a movie and I would document the making of the movie.  Well.  I did.  That that will take more editing and I'll post THAT video later.  In the meantime, enjoy Ned's work.

It always amazes me that he shoots these things at one time.  Rehearses scenes over and over again, then shoots them, and when he comes to the end of the movie, no editing is required--just take it from the camera and post it. 

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Markus Sandy said...

That was funny. Looks like Goleta Beach.

Desertnut said...

Your video of Ned making the movie was just as funny!