Monday, February 06, 2006

No More Fosters

No More Fosters
Video sent by basykes
We were going to foster a new dog, Molly. Sheila went out of her way to make friends and it was all going well, but at the end, Sheila ended up attacking Kimba again, so I've had to decide not to take any more foster dogs while Kimba is still alive.

I just happened to be videotaping, so was able to get the attack on Kimba on tape (though it ends very abruptly, since I had to drop the camera to go after Sheila!)

Music for this is called "Bump as You Go," written by Ned about his dog, Bert, who died suddenly on Christmas Day, while Ned and Marta were in Hawaii.


Desertnut said...

What perfect music for your video! Poor Kimba, bad Sheila!

tiff said...

I LOVED the song! Tell Ned he has a fan in NC....
Couldn't watch the video to the end, becasue I know what happens and I'm a wuss. But still, MOST of it was cute.