Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Trip to New Norcia

Trip to New Norcia
Video sent by basykes
Well, this video is a test. The program I generally use for slide shows (Pictures to EXE) now allows you to save your slide show in .avi format. The quality of the photos seems to be better than creating a slide show in Windows Movie Maker.

This is a trip we took to New Norcia, Australia's only monastic town, now an historic place. It was spring in Australia and all the canola fields were in bloom. A beautiful day!


Blaine said...

Another good program for slideshow movies is Photo Story (a free download from Microsoft). Some of the features I like are the dynamic "pan and zoom" effects which give my pictures motion, and the ability to auto-generate a music track that matches the length of my movie.

Bev Sykes said...

Actually, I have used Photo Story. I'll have to see if the photo quality, when made into .avi, is comparable. The photo quality of the slide show itself is vastly superior on Pictures to EXE, I think. I have used Pictures to EXE for years and was thrilled to see that the latest version allows for conversion.

Desertnut said...

For a test, you sure did a terrific job putting your slide show together. I think it's awesome!