Sunday, March 05, 2006

Little Friend of Mine

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This was one of the first videos I posted here, but I had recorded it off of the TV screen and the quality was very bad. Now that I can dub from VHS to DVD and then record from that, I have made a better copy. It seems appropriate to close the "Paul videos" with this recording of the song that he wrote for David's memorial service.


Desertnut said...

This made me cry. Paul's song was so moving and touching to me. He loved his little brother so much he wrote this beautiful song. My heart goes out to you for the lost of your two sons.

I, having lost a little brother too, can't even imagine the pain you went through. My heart goes out to you.

missbhavens said...

Blogger seems to have eaten my original if this comment is a semi-duplicate (I can't remember my very exact words), I apologise.

Thank you for reposting this--it is a lovely song-- so touching and poigniant, emotional and utterly heart-wrenching. It's a brave performance and a display of raw love that any "outsider" can deeply understand. I can only imagine it's effect on you.

Michael Tyas said...

If a viewer hasn't seen the rest of the Sedona videos preceeding this one, reccomend you go back and start from the beginning.

This song made me cry, I was able to connect to his pain through the Sedona posts. It was very meaningful. I spat out a nervous huffing laugh at the end when he mentioned James Dean though. I don't know exactly what he meant but it seemed funny. Paul seemed like the kind of guy who knew what to say to take the edge off, from what I can gather.

Bev Sykes said...

The James Dean reference is because David was a huge James Dean fan. The day after he died, I checked the computer to see how old Dean had been when he died--he had been 24 as well, and also died because he was driving recklessly. So the quote was very definitely meaningful!