Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Videoblogging Week #2: The Battery

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People suggested that the problem with my camera was that the battery was exhausted, so today the new battery finally arrived.

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missbhavens said...


Don't worry, the stuff filmed with the other camera is still fine...

blips said...

Don't you hate it when finaly the part is in and it does not work. I imagine you cut out some explicite language. Darned.

Desertnut said...

It just occurred to me...do you have a volt meter? Test the power adapter with a volt meter to make sure it's working. My stepson had a camera that didn't work and found out it was the adapter that wasn't working and not the battery.

David Meade said...

Aw that sucks. I can relate. I just spent alot of money on some RAM for my computer to fix a problem and it doesnt appear to have worked.

But your vids with your currently working camera are just fine.

Good luck gettin' it all figured out.

- Dave