Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lifelong Friends

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We are part of a very special group of friends, who all met in college back in the 1960s. We all married within 4 years of each other, among us we have 22 children.  

We lived near each other when our kids were small and the kids all grew up as siblings to each other. Every year for many, many years, we got together each New Year's day to have a party.  

In 1987, I took all the old 8 mm movies and the photos and some early videos and put it together into one big history of the group. It's much too long to post as one video, but I'm going to excerpt it in three sections.

This is Part 1, the weddings of all of us.  

The sound for this is a recording taken at our wedding. The singer is the now-late Kari Windingstadt, who, along with the Newman Hall choir and string quartet, gave us the wonderful gift of performing special music for us.

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Desertnut said...

What a beautiful wedding you and Walter had!