Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Immigration Issue

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I have a difficult time with the current immigration discussion. It's not that I think it's not a serious problem, but for some 10-12 years, we hosted some 70 people from 14 different countries, who shared our lives for a few days or a few years. Some stayed in this country illegally, most did not. Some became citizens.

This video is a teeny sample of the kinds of relationships we had with our foreign visitors.

I made a mistake on the title of this video. I said that these were guests from 1990-91. Actually the early ones were in about 1981-82 and the last one was in about 1990 (you can see how much David and Tom grew from the video with the dog to the video with the football!)

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Desertnut said...

What a great way to learn cultural diversity and to speak another language. That was so nice sharing your home and hearts to the exchange students. No wonder your children are so incredibly bright!