Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ten Years

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On May 18, our youngest son will have been dead 10 years.  He's permanently frozen at age 24.  His memorial service was unusual (how often does the local paper send a reviewer to a memorial service?), held in the local theatre.  I want to post excerpts from the service today and tomorrow.  Today's excerpt is all of his best friend, Jeff Storey, who reads part of a letter David sent to him describing a piano concert he attended.  I aspire to be that good a writer.  I wish I had known how good he was before he died so I could have told him how very proud of him I was.

Sorry about the length of this. 


Desertnut said...

I'm so sorry for your lost. Anniversay of a death of a love one is not easy. That was an incredible letter from your son describing a piano concert. Also Jeff did a beautiful eulogy in memory of David.

missbhavens said...

No anniversary is more difficult than those that mark losses of this magnitude.

This was an amazing letter--immortalized by a best friend.

Truly special--unusual, emotional and perfect.