Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You Didn't Quite Know Me Yet

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My father and I wrote a song once, when I was a kid. I don't have a lot of positive memories of my father, but when he was at the piano were the best times. He thought up the tune for this when he was in the bath tub. When he got dressed, he asked me to help him with the lyrics. In 1982, I finally got video of him playing it. You don't get the lyrics here, but they are right out of the 1940s moon-June-swoon type of songs.

I fell in love when first we met
My heart said she's the one to get
So I started to sing, and picked out the ring
But you didn't quite know me yet.

You looked at me and shyly smiled
My knees went weak, my head went wild
For I didn't quite see, how you could care for me
When you didn't quite know me yet.

It was autumn, the leaves were falling
Your glances had me in a swoon
It was magic, romance was calling
Love was in bloom, we were in tune

You learned to love, as I loved you
Our little romance had really come true
And I know when the day your hair has turned to gray
I'll still be in love with you.

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Desertnut said...

Your dad played the piano beautifully. I love the lyrics and the melody. Now I know why your family is so talented in music.