Monday, October 16, 2006


OK...enough moping about. Let's have some fun. Halloween is coming and though I am not one who is likely to put costumes on the dogs (nor would Sheila be a dog who would let me!), I gave some thought as to what I might dress them as, if I were that kind of person. This is prompted by the announcement that there is going to be a costume parade at the dog park
How about this for the two of them together?

Or how about...

Or perhaps better some individual costumes. How about Royalty?

Or the "Old Masters"

And of course there's always:

It's probably a good thing I don't do costumed dogs at Halloween or at any other time!


Desertnut said...

LOL! These are so funny! Great Photoshop work!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the stuff William Wegman does.

Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

BEV - love what you did with Photo shop and the dogs...great!!