Wednesday, October 11, 2006

...Speaking of Weddings...

My journal entry for today is about weddings, so it seemed only fair to upload a wedding video. This is one of the first foreign students to stay with us, who came from Zaire. He came in about 1982 and then came back for Christmas every year for many years after that. When he married his fiancee from Zaire, we went to the wedding and I was the videographer.

This video may load very slowly. I had to upgrade iTunes and that meant it installed a new version of QuickTime, which erased all of my settings. I "compressed" a 14 MB video for "fast start" into a 57 MB video. But that's a journal entry for another day, assuming I still have fingers left after slamming walls in frustration. HOPEFULLY I'll have this problem fixed by the time I upload another video.

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