Monday, November 21, 2005

Video Meme

You know how you find, from time to time, lists of questions in somebody's blog that the writer invites you to answer? Like 100 questions, or Childhood Memories, or something.

Well, in a video blog called Bicycle-Sidewalk, the videographer, Nathan Miller filmed himself showing cards on which were (he said) 50 different questions. In reality there were only 38 of them, and I cut one out, so I answered 37 of them. But it makes for a weird 13 minutes of video. It was fun to do, I have to admit.

The link for the flash version is here.


Nathan Miller said...

You made my day!!
I woke up, monday morning...cold morning, showered, a bit to eat and then checked my email! I am sure it took a bit of time to put this one together, you did a great job! I want to let you know, I will be using this in my English classes!! I wrote the questions/made the cards about 2 years ago...My students have heard all my answers, and they have written their own too..they will be quite happy to hear your answers!!
The set actually contains 100 cards...I basically picked out the cards that interested me...when I compared the two stacks...I thought I had the larger set, however, apparently not!
Thanks for making this video...
I am sorry to hear about your sons.

Maxie said...

At the moment learning the 101 of how to make videos, I saw your post and went to visit your blog and vlog. Let me say that I am very impressed! Especially I like this movie with the nicely made interview and the answers so very honest and "authentic". You do a great job here! Thank you very much for sharing. I have your site bookmarked and will return from time to time.