Thursday, May 18, 2006

Most Memorable Person

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The most memorable person I ever met was a woman named Georgia Griffith. She was born blind, supported herself by teaching music. She played 12 different instruments. She was the only Braille proofreader of music for the Library of Congress. She lost her hearing (and sense of balance) at age 38, after which someone gave her a computer and she learned how to use it and ultimately, when I "met" her, ran 7 of the most popular discussion forums on CompuServe (in the late 1980s). She could read 12 languages fluently and a few others "not so fluently." I went with her to Washington, D.C. when she and others, were honored by the Smithsonian Institute for contributions to information technology.

(The photo above is Georgia meeting Senator Mike DeWine, who is examining her Smithsonian medallion.)

Check here for a more complete bio.


Desertnut said...

Your friend was phenomenal!

kevin Buckstiegel said...

incredible person! makes us feel so silly, taking the things for granted that she did not have... while most of us won't accomplish the things that she did. thanks for sharing your friend.