Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sheila's Day at Wright's Lake

Watch the video
Sheila went on her first camping trip. Well...her first couple of hours in a camping place, anyway.


Desertnut said...

I wasn't able to view the video. I think is out of service.

Desertnut said...

I guess Sheila didn't like the! Looks like the camping trip was a lot of fun.

btw: I found out I was able to open your video on my newer mac. I guess something hasn't been updated on my old mac (plug-in or something). I'll have my analytical husband trouble shoot it.

missbhavens said...

What a blast! All those trees? All those dogs and kids! And campfires and bourbon!

My dog would absolutely freak if I dragged her into a lake...I think...she's never been to a lake. But she hates baths and jumps puddles and is so uncoordinated I doubt she could swim!

Sheila's a good sport.