Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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I used to work for her in a secretarial service. She's an interesting lady, who now owns an apple orchard and runs a fruit stand. She excelled in business in the pre-computer era, but did not handle modern technology all that well. I hadn't seen her in about 15 years. She still doesn't understand modern technology.

At one point this weekend she learned I had an on-line journal and couldn't quite understand how I could write things that anybody in the world could read. Someone else tried to explain that all you had to do was "google" my name and the site would come up.

I recognized that telling someone who barely knows what a computer is to "google" anything to find a "site" is like suggesting a Mountain Gorilla take a shopping cart and buy a bunch of bananas at the local Safeway.

I told her I didn't understand it either--that it all worked by "magic," and that it was the same magic that allowed me to put a piece of paper in a machine in Davis and have the contents come out on a piece of paper in Japan.

That seemed to make more sense.

"I always wondered what happened to the piece of paper," she said.

As I said, she's a neat lady, but technology is not her friend.

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junebee said...

I liked the analogy about the gorilla.