Wednesday, August 03, 2005


With Walt out of town for the month, I've been eating really weirdly. It's been TV dinners, and junk food and gorging on fruit. When I went to the store recently, I bought a watermelon. Somehow I just had this craving for watermelon. I looked at the cut melons, but those usually end up being mealy textured from sitting out for so long.

I went to the bin of watermelons and chose one which seemed to be the smallest one. It wasn't until I went to carry it in from the car that I realized that the thing was really pretty big. I've been eating on it all week.

But this is the most "water-filled" watermelon I've ever had. The thing is sweet and juicy and leaves big puddles of watermelon juice on my plate whenever I have a piece, most of it coming from the juice running down my chin, no matter how neatly I try to eat it.

I haven't had such a watermelon pig-out in a long time. I'm enjoying every juicy bite!

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