Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Attacked by Kangaroos

I discovered Blip.TV so decided to check what it's like to post there. I posted this movie, another one from our day at Caversham.

You can walk in among the kangaroos--I suspect it's about a quarter of an acre in size--and there is a big garbage can filled with roo food that you can pick up (free, unlike here, where they'd sell it to you) to feed the animals.

On this particular day, it was cloudy and had been raining, so there was not the usual assortment of parents taking toddlers to see the kangaroos. Which also meant that there wasn't as much free food handouts available, so when they saw us, they were all over us, begging for food. It's really fun having a couple of kangaroos hanging off of you!

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