Monday, August 29, 2005

Take an apple...

I am not a gardener. But I sometimes play one on the Internet :). We have this apple tree which is dripping with apples, as it does each year. Each year I try to harvest (some of) them and then I'm left with: what to do with them? There are far too many to just eat. They aren't really good enough to give away, but yet I can't just let all that fruit go to waste.

So I decided to make a pie. I'm pretty good at making pies and after watching all those cooking shows on Food Network, I decided to make a video about making an apple pie, proving that I am much better about making pies than I am about making videos. But I did it anyway. I am not as perky as Rachel Ray, as talented as Emeril, and I didn't use nearly enough butter to be Paula Deen, though I do get rather excited about tasting my sweetened apples before putting them into the pie crust.

The "success" of this video is not in its content, but in that it was good practice for me in editing, cutting and pasting, and in compressing video. I managed to compress at 63 MB film into a 7 MB film, which I consider a great accomplishment, even if the quality isn't all that great (because of the subject matter, not because of the compression).

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