Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Weird Sheila

I made this video awhile ago, to keep a record of the strange way Sheila plays with Kimba, and how she shows her dominance. The movie is silent, but I was able to add a soundtrack to it to give my impression of what is happening.

Incidentally, not being a computer geek, I don't have all the fancy doo dads for doing things like voice-over, so the way I did this was to record into my PDA, which made a wave file and then copy the wave file to my computer and then use that as background for the movie. I was rather pleased with myself when I figured out how I could do that.

Incidentally, someone commented on not being able to see Steve's movie which is on BlipTV. BlipTV plays movies in the format in which it was recorded. This movie of Sheila and Kimba is in Windows Media, and I believe Steve's video is also in Windows Media.

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