Friday, August 19, 2005


Well, we have another foster dog. This one is Jasmine, who is described as a "lab-terrier" mix, though she is so solid and stocky that I suspect the "terrier" is a pit bull terrier.

She's 7 years old, but looks older. She belonged to a family who gave her away when their child went off to college. Isn't that like leaving your kid in the trash when you move? Anyway, they dropped her off at the pound, where she was rescued by the SPCA.

She is very calm, very quiet, and, to Sheila's frustration, isn't much into playing. But Walt discovered this morning that she is into getting out and she was eating a hole in the back fence, so I am now having to keep her confined inside and supervise her trips outside. She doesn't appear to want to bond with people much; she's a solitary animal (so far).

She goes to the Farmers' Market on Saturday to see about finding a home. Given her age and breed (and lack of instant cuteness), I suspect she is going to take longer to place.

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