Friday, August 05, 2005


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Petey goes off to look for a home tomorrow. Ashley will pick him up and take him to Petco. I really don't think he's going to have a difficult time finding a home, but there is a part of me that hopes it's not this week. I'm enjoying having the little guy around--and if he stays another week, Walt will be able to meet him.

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Anonymous said...

Bev -- Petey now lives with us. He came home from Petco on Saturday and has become one of the family. Your description of him on your blog was perfect. Apprehensive momentarily, perfectly sweet, full of fun and has yet to make a mess in the house. He is perfect. My daughter volunteers at the SPCA and called me about Petey -- She was sure he was the right dog for our household that already has two dogs -- a short-legged Jack Russel and a huge Lab/Pit mix. Both have accepted him and he them. He has settled in just as if he has always lived here. He likes our spacious yard and seems to like to dig worms out of the lawn -- not such a good thing but we'll move past that, I hope. He is now Wally (because I had a cousin Petey and just couldn't call him that) -- he sleeps on the bed with us and has made several trips to the dog park this week where he plays until he can hardly move. Thanks for fostering him so well and it was fun reading your blog. One of the women at Petco told me you had written about him and that she thought I'd like to read what you knew about him. Anyway -- thanks again for caring for him until he found his happy home. He is a sweetheart and has easily made his spot in my heart.