Saturday, August 27, 2005

Water dog wannabe

We spent 5 days on a farm near Albany, in SW Australia, and there we met Indy, the little 6 month old Border Collie puppy. It had rained shortly before we got there--a real gully washer--and the river flooded. On this day, we went down to the river, with Indy and Zac, the adult border collie.

Zac loved to chase sticks thrown in the river for her and Indy, who had never seen water like this before, we just so excited. She wanted to be in the water, but was afraid of it too. It was so funny to watch her struggle with whether or not to go in the water. At one point, she fell into the water and leaped out immediately and continued her excited barking and jumping along the shore. Very funny.

Now she's an adult dog, and presumably she fetches sticks in the water every bit as much as Zack does.

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