Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Checking the coastline

This is a very short video, taken from a teeny plane as we flew out from Kalbarri National Park and circled around along the coastline.

There are two interesting things about this movie. First, the color of the water. This was my favorite thing about the Australian ambience...the color of the Indian Ocean, which was this aqua color wherever I encountered it. I never realized that oceans had different colors.

The second thing is the vastness of the outback. We got up over that plain you see above the cliffs (unfortunately, I didn't think to start filming until we were out over water), and it was just barren and bleak as far as the eye could see. I suspect there is far more of Australia that looks like this than looks settled. Yet in the "bleakness" there is its own special beauty. I suppose I would tire of it after awhile, but I enjoyed the novelty of it all.

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Devlon said...

Thanks for this great videoblogging site.

I have always wanted to see more of Australia (the non-hollywood version), and now thanks to you I am.

Keep it up!