Monday, August 08, 2005

Nasty Blood-suckers

I have been leaving the sliding door open far enough for Bud to get out at night, should the spirit or the bladder move him. Unfortunately, this is an open invitation for any wandering mosquito who might happen to stop in for a quick bite, to do so. This morning I woke up with a couple of bites, which I assume are mosquito.

Normally this would be nothing more than just annoying, but we are in the middle of the worst West Nile Virus epidemic, the worst yet, and the two counties hit hardest are Sacramento County and Yolo County--and I live in Yolo County. There have been several deaths from the virus, though they say that most people who are bitten by West Nile-carrying mosquitos will never notice it. But it's so bad that they are resorting to spraying in Sacramento County and spraying in Yolo County is also under consideration.

So if it turns out that I end up being killed by West Nile Virus, blame Bud's bladder.

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