Sunday, August 28, 2005

Seeing My Babies Again

I took Sydney up to Petco today to give her back to Ashley, since she had become such a disruptive influence around here. Made me sad because I really loved that little dog before she started attacking Kimba.

The first dog I saw at the SPCA booth was Jasmine, who stayed here last week, looking terrified with all the commotion going on around her.

But in a pen near Jasmine were my babies--Harry, Hagrid and Weasly, and their 3 siblings. I could pick out Harry and Hagrid all right, but Weasly was all black and so were a couple of his siblings. I can't believe how much they have grown in a month. Their faces don't look anything like those cute little baby faces that I fed when they were here. (I'd forgotten that one of that group was "Paul," who was such a crybaby the first time I met him)

I petted them all and told them it was good to see them again and took some photos of them. Ashley says they have a harder time placing black dogs and ALL of the dogs I've taken lately have been black, so I wonder if any of them found a home today...

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