Sunday, August 21, 2005

How not to ride a camel

I'm gradually posting all of the brief film clips we took when I was in Australia (or at least the good ones). We returned to Caversham Park (where the kangaroos are) and discovered that they had camel rides. We had originally discovered Caversham because we were trying to go on a camel ride and had driven an hour out of Perth, only to discover that the camels had been moved to Whiteman Park, which was about 15 minutes from Peggy's house. We never did find the camels that first time, but we did find the kangaroos, and considered it a lucky find.

On our second trip, we found the camels. It was like one of those pony rides, where a guy leads the camels around a track. It was designed for little kids, but there we were, these two silly middle-aged women, wanting a camel ride. It was not my most graceful day.

It was drizzling when we got on the camels and by the time the guy had led us out on to the track, it started really coming down and by the time we were headed back, it was pouring so hard that we were all soaked and I was afraid that my camel's hooves were going to slip on the mud under its feet.

Naturally Peggy recorded it all, from my awkward ascent into the camel saddle, to riding in the downpour, to my awkward descent from the camel. We laughed a lot and felt pretty silly when we got back to the paddock and found that the people who were next in line for a camel ride were about 5 years old.

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