Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Farmers Market

In keeping with my desire to post a video blog a day, I offer today some scenes from our local farmers market. This is not the most interesting film in the world, but does give a little bit of the flavor of it. It is a place where you meet friends, shop for local produce and local baked goods, listen to musicians, buy a meal and sit down on the grass or at a table and enjoy the food, check out the dogs for adoption through the SPCA or "Lab Rescue," and meet all the local politicians pushing their specific issues.

It's a real tradition around here. Walt and I used to go every Saturday when I could still ride my bike, but now that I can't, he goes by himself. I did drive up this morning, though, to drop Jasmine off at the SPCA booth, hoping that she will find herself a new family today.

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