Thursday, September 01, 2005

Be It Ever So Humble...

Soon our house/yard will look like this, as summer comes to an end and autumn begins. I took this movie clip a year or so ago, when the leaves were beginning to fall. It was to show the folks back in Australia where I lived, but obviously the street has not changed much since then!

This is called the "city of bicycles" (though I suspect we are less inundated with them now than we were when we moved here, as more and more people are driving instead of biking). You get a taste of that during the brief film.

Also, the red car in the driveway belonged to David. It still runs. The ultimate irony was that the week after he died and we brought the car up here to our house, someone stole the stereo out of the car. The dashboard is all torn up, but the car is so old, it's not worth fixing. Walt drives it occasionally. I do when I absolutely have no other choice, but I wouldn't dare take it out on the highway.

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