Sunday, September 25, 2005

Just in the nick of time.

Well, I just had a feeling.

The one problem with having a video camera is that without someone to help you film, you're pretty much stuck with what you can do either holding the camera or mounting it on a tripod. None of that "following the action" sort of stuff.

Last night I was thinking how cute the dogs were when they follow me around as I get their meals ready. Especially Sheila and her "happy dance." But the three little black bodies trailing along behind me was just...cute. Well, to me anyway.

So this morning, I had Walt film the brief feeding session...the ending of which was definitely not planned or anticipated!...and as it turned out, it was the last film for Pepper, who went off to the Adopt-a-thon in Sacramento today and found someone who wanted to adopt him and give him a lap, like he's had mine.

I was surprised to find myself a bit misty-eyed when I got into my recliner tonight and nobody immediately jumped into my lap. Walt offered, but I told him he wasn't little and cute. (He took offense at that comment)

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