Tuesday, September 20, 2005

City of Bicycles

Well, if last night's video clip was too long, this one may be too short! After I got back from Australia two years ago, I came home with the idea that I would make a "Davis video" to show Peggy's friends Janne and Chris about the city that I live in. I started out great, with the clip about our house. Then I went up to where our city symbol sits and took a bit of a clip there.

Unfortunately, the video died at this point. First, the camera developed problems and I ended up getting a new one. Then, I was going to go over the video with Janne and Chris when I returned to Australia, which I then decided not to do. So all that remains is this very short clip of the city bicycle sculpture and the street on which it sits. (You may have to look closely to actually SEE the penny farthing bike there).

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