Saturday, September 10, 2005


The one thing that I don't like about my new Pergo floor is that it has hampered Sheila's happy "suppertime" dance, but I was glad that I got it (mostly) recorded while she still did it. (Now her feet slip on the Pergo, so she's much more cautious when she gets fed.)

I had Walt feed her while I took this video. She doesn't get as excited when he feeds her as when I do, so this is a more calm version of the Suppertime Dance. But this is something she worked out by herself. I never trained her to go and sit by her feeding spot and wait for me to bring her dinner to her. She still does that. No matter how many other dogs I have to feed first, she sits there and waits till it's her turn--and then does the happy dance when she can see that it's about time for her bowl to be put down.

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