Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Live Teddy Bears

Ned's mother-in-law raises chows and last Christmas (or maybe it was the Christmas before--I can't remember), her bitch had a new litter of pups. (Little did I realize then how much time I'd be spending with puppies in the foreseeable future!)

These little guys were 6 weeks old and she had fixed up a huge enclosure for them, draped with sheets, so they could sleep undisturbed.

We, of course, all wanted to play with the puppies and so we all had to wash our hands and then sit in a circle on a clean sheet on the kitchen floor. They were, of course, adorable. But in light of my life this past year, I have to laugh to compare how careful we had to be with these 6 week old puppies to how I treat the 2-3 day old puppies that I bottlefeed! When I think about how careful we were with the chows, it's amazing that I haven't killed any SPCA puppies!

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Stefani said...

How fun for you guys - plus I bet those little furballs were in puppy heaven with all that attention!