Sunday, September 11, 2005


I can't seem to get away from black dogs. You should see the black hair I sweep up off the Pergo every day!

Pepper is very cute, but I suspect it's going to take him a little time to find a family. There are several chihuahua mixes up for adoption now and, alas, he's not the cutest of the bunch. He's also older than the others (they figure about 7).

He also seems to have bonded with me. I gave him to Ashley at Petco and she put him in one of the fenced off sections and every time he saw me (I was photographing some of the other dogs for the web page) he would let out this blood-curdling howl and try to climb the fence to get to me. When Ashley brought him home this evening, he was absolutely thrilled and spent most of the evening sleeping in my lap--he's even figured out how to jump up with the footrest raised, which he didn't seem to be able to do last night. So I guess he's adopted me...I just hope he finds a home soon, though he's an easy dog to have around. He's a sweet little thing--want a chihuahua mix?

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