Friday, September 16, 2005

More playing

There are several reasons for this otherwise reason-less video (for some reason, Blogger won't upload the photo, though I know it was there last night...but you can link on the words instead.

1) I'm still experimenting with the camcorder;

2) I'm also trying to learn WindowsMedia--the various special effects, how to put a movie together, how to trim video clips, how to add a soundtrack, how to work with transitions and titles. That sort of stuff;

3) To show anybody who watches these videos how cute Pepper is. He's growing on me (don't tell anybody I said that); and finally

4) To show off my daughter. For those who don't know, Jeri received a degree in composing and arranging from Berklee College of Music in Boston. She was one of the "old" students. Most of the student body is made up of kids just out of high school, who come with their guitars and want to be rock stars. Jeri had already received a theatre arts degree from UC Santa Barbara and her Masters Degree in Design from UC Davis, but she also wanted a music degree, so she went to Berklee and graduated, specializing in composing and arranging. (One of my proudest moments was going to Boston and watching Jeri conduct an orchestra and singers performing her own composition!).

Anyway, after graduation, they invited her to stay on at Berklee and teach a couple of classes in composing and arranging. That was four years ago. She now teaches several classes there and this summer taught an on-line course. And she also continues to compose and arrange music. The background for this video clip is a short piece that she composed and arranged and recorded on her home computer, with herself playing all of the parts.

This entry itself is longer than the video clip!

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Stefani said...

Perfect music for those silly dogs!