Saturday, September 03, 2005

Looking for a Home

Trixie is still very skittish. She was happier last night sleeping safely in her cage, rather than out in the family room.

This morning I was supposed to take her to the Farmers' Market to the SPCA booth and hope she'd find a home. Naturally, I mis-read Ashley's e-mail and spent 15 minutes waiting at Petco instead of the Farmers' Market. But we eventually got there and she began to relax a little, especially with the little kids.

I left her there and went off, later to be called by Ashley to say that she has found a home, but the family won't be able to take her until tomorrow, so she'll spend one more night with us, but this cute little girl is going to a good family. I'm very pleased.

(Trixie's new name is Abby)

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