Monday, September 05, 2005

Amazing Lady

This brief clip was taken a couple of months after Walt's mother's 90th birthday party (she's 92 now). She could still see a bit then and was trying to see the photos from her party. Sitting to her left is our daughter-in-law, and sitting in the other couch is my sister-in-law (Walt's brother's wife).

Alice (Walt's mother) has always amazed me. She was widowed when Walt, the oldest, was 15. She worked to support her three kids, and once the last one flew the coop, she set out to see the world. Literally. She's been through the Panama Canal, ridden a camel in Egypt, climbed Mayan ruins in Mexico, took a cruise around South America, visited all the European countries, took a cruise down the Rhine River, and down the Volga River. At 82, she took a trip on the Orient Express, which had only recently been refurbished and was running again. She visited parts of China that had never seen Caucasian people before, washed out her linens in the sink in her hotel room.

She has an inquisitive mind and used to read everything (now she has to rely on what is available on tape). I've always admired her greatly.

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Mr. Sandman said...

That *is* amazing. I should be so fortunate if I end up doing half the things she has...