Monday, March 28, 2005

Finger-Licking Good

I've heard a lot of good one-liners about the incident of the woman who bit into a piece of a finger while eating her Wendy's chili, but the best one was one that Walt sent me this morning, saying someone speculates that they've finally found Jimmy Hoffa.

They say Wendy's business is down. No shit! I suspect it will be a long time before anybody orders chili there, even though the chance of finding fingers in future chili batches is slight.

Best quote from a Wendy's exec was "this is the first time we've ever found any body parts in any of our chili." Well, gee--I feel so much better now!

I try not to think about the experience of taking a big bite of chili and biting into someone's finger, but it does terrible things to my stomach, so I don't.

But it is good fodder for humor.


Stefani said...

I knew there was something wrong with that chili but I couldn't put my finger on it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is that a Guy Flebich???