Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pick your verse

I don't suppose it would strike any of the protesters outside Terri Schiavo's hospice odd that the Bible says that a woman is subject to her husband, that she leave her family and stay with her husband. All those people who feel that the husband should have no say in her condition. Those are the same people who feel that Leviticus 18, which says for a man to lie with another man is an abomination, but ignore the rule that eating pork is also an abomination or that a disobedient child should be killed, or what price is fair for the sale of a slave.

Sometimes the illogic of Bible believers just boggles my mind.

I wish that I had that kind of blind, convenient faith, based on convenient choices from a book written 2000 years ago, but I'm left with taking what I read and deciding what is right for my life, realizing that laws written 2000 years ago were designed for life 2000 years ago and did not take into account advances in science and advancement of civilization in the subsequent years. Heck, they never even envisioned polyester, which, while an abomination in this day and age, is certainly not reason for putting its wearer to death, as it would have been 2000 years ago.

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