Monday, March 28, 2005

God will smite me

Well, Steve set up a blog to complement his journal, so why not me? There are times when I get half ideas that I try to put into full blown journal entries, so maybe I'll try blogging them instead.

Yesterday was Easter and I was watching "King of Kings," that overblown Biblical epic. Several very irreverent thoughts came to me as I listened to the dialogue:

[1] If Jesus always traveled around with a heavenly choir in the background, how could anybody doubt his divinity?

[2] Thinking about the Marriage Feast at Canaan, where his mom says "they have no wine" and he responds, "My hour has not yet come," and then he goes ahead and does the magic trick anyway, makes me think of Jesus as the Clark Kent of the Bible.

[3] The Bible tells us that Jesus told Peter, "You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church." Uh...Jesus was a nice Jewish boy; "churches" had not yet been invented, so where did the term come from, and how did it become relevant?

God will now smite me.


Jeannie said...

Now that last comment about Jesus being a nice jewish boy and using the word church really tickled me.Way to go , Bev!

sue said...

A nice Catholic upbringing and you come out with the (perfectly logical) sacrilege of #3!!

Anonymous said...

Yes. We all know Jesus was a nice Jewish boy who made his mother proud. So far so good. But I'll tell you where the whole story falls apart for me...
It's this business about Jesus being a carpenter. A Jewish carpenter? Now that's just absurd.