Sunday, June 12, 2005

Airport Security

I sure don't know what was up with Airport Security at the Sacramento Airport tonight. They wouldn't let cars in either of the two lanes near the curb, so we were all shuttled into the outside lanes, whether we were dropping off passengers or picking up passengers. When I slowed down to see if Walt had come out yet, a police officer came up and shined his flashlight in my face and asked me if I was dropping off or picking up. I said I was picking up. He gestured to me and told me I had to move to the outside lane. When I asked him how I was supposed to tell if the person I was looking for had arrived, because I was supposed to pick him up, he growled at me "I heard you the first time--now move along" and flashed the light in my eyes again.

Thank goodness for cell phones. I called Walt on the cell and found that he was still on the plane at the gate, but would be out soon. I directed him to a spot away from the building itself where I would have a chance to pull over and pick him up with being attacked by the security Nazi.

It was a first class mess. I forgot to watch the news tonight to see if there had been a bomb threat or something at the airport. I sure don't understand why it was so fouled up--or why the police couldn't at least be POLITE about inconveniencing us.

It's a new world and I hate it.

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