Tuesday, June 07, 2005


What is it with the Don Johnson look? Last week's TV Guide listed the "sexiest men on TV" and with one exception (E.R.'s Goran Visnjic) every single one of them had a day's growth of beard.

That "look" has always fascinated me. How do they keep it that way? It never gets longer; it never gets cleaned off. It just always looks like they have a heavy beard that shows a 5 o'clock shadow.

Not a look I particularly care for. Just looks scruffy.

But then "conformity" is what Showbiz is all about anyway. The women mostly looked like they have been stamped out of the "blonde bimbo" machine. Big hair, big boobs, big lips, and looking the same as every other blonde on the big or little screen. Brunettes or women of any hair color with short hair really stand out as "unique."

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