Friday, June 03, 2005

I flunked!!!

I flunked my blood test.

I thought I was being so clever. The last time I went to give blood, my hemoglobin count wasn't high enough so they rescheduled me for a week later. I went home and stuffed high-iron foods, like beans and oatmeal and spinach and other stuff like that. I also started taking an iron supplement.

A week later, I went back and that drop of blood sank like it had an anchor on it. Didn't even have to be centrifuged, like it usually does.

So, knowing that I was donating blood today, I have spent the last week stuffing high-iron foods and taking iron supplements. I was surprised when the blood drop didn't immediately sink but was shocked when it also didn't pass the centrifuge test. Now I'm stymied. I'm not sure what else I can do. But my next appointment is June 29, so I guess it's a lot of beans and iron until then and hope for the best.

(Of course the worst part of not being able to donate blood today was that I didn't get to have any donuts.)

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