Saturday, June 11, 2005

bull fight

bull fight
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Today was an example of why you should always travel with a camera. I made a wrong turn off of the road I was traveling on and started down this narrow county road when I saw a car coming toward me pull over to the side of the road. There was practically no shoulder, so it was tricky "getting off the road."

As I passed the car, I glanced into the fied beyond it and noticed these two bulls with their heads down. I kept watching (there were no other cars around) and they were obviously in the middle of a big fight. I had to take a picture!

I had to drive about 1/4 mile before I got to a place where I could turn around, but I did and they were still at it. I took a few photos and a quick movie, but then the one on the right started chasing the one on the left and they disappeared behind a barn.

Little flurry of activity there, but I'm sure glad I had the camera with me!

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