Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Paula Deen again

God, Paula Deen is my kind of woman. I happened to tune in midway through a program. She apparently had made zucchini bread and it was Tasting Time. Now, most cooks who taste their own cooking, take a little nibble. Not Paula. She glopped a HUGE gob of whipped butter on it and stuck half the slice in her mouth. Again the orgasmic response and then while going to commercial, she stuck the other half of the slice in her mouth.

When she came back from commercial, she had another slice in her hand and said she just couldn't stop eating the bread, and as she began to talk about making crab soup, she was eating and talking with food in her mouth.

She did half the crab soup and then as she passed by the zucchini bread, she picked it up and started eating again, talking with her mouth full.

Paula does enjoy her cooking!

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