Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Christmas Incident

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This one takes a bit of explanation. Our kids always made movies. Everywhere they went, they made a movie. When they had cool props they definitely made a movie. For Christmas this year, David had received a great prop from Jeri for a gift (it appears at the end of the video--and I won't spoil things by saying what it is) and naturally they had to make a movie. They worked on scenes of it all day. The final scene was going to take place as we all sat down to Christmas dinner. And it came off very well.

BUT, we had several guests that day. Three of our foreign students had come to have dinner with us and they were used to the kids and their movie making habits (most had appeared in a movie or two--and our Malaysian son appears in this video), but the sister of one of them had just arrived from Mexico and I invited her to join us. She didn't speak English very well and she had NO idea that there was a movie being made. She was in total shock when "the moment" arrived and saw that everybody was laughing and continuing to eat their dinner. She thought we were the most heartless people she had ever met...until her sister finally clued her in.

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Desertnut said...

The movie they made was pretty cool!